February 9 & 10, 2013

    The topic of the 2013 annual Minä Olen (I am) Exposition is: Spirituality in a Changing World and usually attracts about 5,000 people. Dr. Surel will be presenting on the topic of Consciousness and Intuitive Intelligence. She will conduct several workshops at the Expo and during the following week.

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  • HONG KONG, Huge Success!

    November 17 – 20, 2012
    CONFERENCE REVIEW … Dr. Dominique Surel, a featured speaker at the 2012 Hong Kong UFO Conference, provides are recap of the conference and response toher lectures on the topic of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV). The two-day congress was a huge success with over 1,300 people attending. Apparently a world record in UFO conferences.
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    HONG KONG, Huge Success!
  • Intuitive Intelligence

    A Higher Level Intelligence –
    the 21st Century Competitive Advantage
    Intuitive managers change the destiny of their organizations by perceiving pathways not visible to others. Dr. Leland Kaiser, psychologist

    In today’s world of increasing chaos and uncertainty, decision-makers need to develop cognitive skills to increase accuracy in and accelerate the process of: Forecasting, Decision-Making and Innovation.View Details Here…

    Intuitive Intelligence
  • Thinking from the Heart

    Did you know that the heart is a complex neurological thinking system? The heart contains about 100 million neurons and communicates information to the brain. The heart appears to have its own intelligence and to store vital information. Research on recipients of heart transplants demonstrates that many take-on donors’ personal characteristics. Further findings demonstrate the heart is capable of feeling another person’s physical energetic field and can be measured several feet away from the body.

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    Thinking from the Heart
  • Controlled Remote Viewing

    Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) is a comprehensive protocol that enables an individual to obtain psychoenergtic perceptions, or specific and accurate non-local information from the time-space matrix by using the mind.

    ACI’s military protocol features a powerful, specialized multi-level trainings, and an operational component for those who wish to create a remote viewing team in their organization. Coaching is available for individuals, or for those managing an in-house remote viewing team. View Details Here…


    Controlled Remote Viewing


Intuitive Intelligence Training


The human body emits and receives energetic signals. Intuitive Intelligence Training harnesses the cognitive skills to acknowledge signals and derive their meaning. | MORE…

Intuitive Leadership Training


Leaders learn highly effective processes which enable them to not only manage chaotic issues, but to anticipate and forecast more accurately these impending events. | MORE…

Remote Viewing Training


Learners tap into their psycho-
energetic field transcending time & space to describe people, places & things with stunning accuracy; & connect with cosmic oneness| MORE…

Critical Thinking


Participants dissect their thinking process & learn to broaden their scope on reality, achieve clarity, greater objectivity, and incorporate intuitive principles. | MORE…

The Inner Workings of Intuition and Consciousness … and Their Remarkable Applications and Results


  • Using our brain differently

    Intuition is a natural skill that has been ignored by our educational system and generally discounted because until recently it was a skill that had not been explained scientifically. Although there are still many unanswered questions, recent research demonstrates the existence of precognition and the ability for humans to be able to recognize futuristic signals. ACI’s unique Intuition Intelligence Training was developed by integrating research findings from neuroscience, psychology, quantum physics, and the powerful protocol of remote viewing.

  • Scientific Based Methodology

    Intuitive thinking has become a focus in both the scientific community and the business environment. Recent findings in Neuroscience have demonstrated that when we develop a new cognitive function, the brain builds new neural pathways to accommodate the changes. It is a similar principle to developing one’s muscles.

    Developing intuitive intelligence requires sharpening our sensories in order to capture intuitive signals. This is done through simple but focused exercises that trigger the brain’s restructuring to a higher level. ACI has developed a powerful methodology that triggers latent cognitive skills into action so that the brain then grows new neural pathways to accommodate the development of these skills.


  • The Relationship Between Success and Intuition

    Landmark studies have found a correlation between business success and intuition A lot of companies consider intuition a skill and technique they can use to competitive advantage.  (Block, 1990, p. 58)

    In order to successfully navigate in a world where chaos and non-linear chain of events occur a new multi-dimensional way of thinking is needed. Developing intuitive intelligence opens the portal into the holographic system where the human mind can tap into non-local data. Non-local data is information that is interconnected with multi-dimensional time-space environments.

    Advisors and consultants consistently repackage old models and paradigms into 21st century language; and history repeats itself and organizational problems keep resurfacing. Intuitive Intelligence enables the decision-maker to think beyond the boundaries of models by being able to more accurately assess situations and devise successful solutions and long-term strategies.

  • Intuitive Intelligence - Brings Clarity of Thought and Insight

    Intuitive Intelligence generates clarity of thought and insights into the future, and therefore accelerates the decision making process. ACI’s powerful methodology generates benefits in the following areas:

    Decision-making Acceleration of process by combining rational analysis and intuitive thinking
    Leadership Empowerment through increased consciousness and independent thinking
    Strategy Empowerment through increased consciousness and independent thinking
    Clarity in evaluating situations and markets, identifying niches and future trendsAnticipate and prevent chaos and crises by thinking beyond models
    Create better long-term strategies
    Futuristic Scenarios Discover flow channels, synchronicities, and future trends to create more accurate forecasting scenarios
    R & D New approach on creative thinking to trigger true innovation
    Negotiation Insights about other party’s position in order to create win/win solutions
    Company Culture Higher morale and employee retention by creating inspirational and employee centric Intuitive Culture
    Recruitment Significantly sharpen evaluation and interview skills


  • Predictive Thinking

    Leaders recognize that new approaches are needed to navigate through the increasingly complex challenges and unpredictable chaos of the 21st Century.

    Yet, most often the traditional repackaging of models continues, and the beneficial effects of implementation are usually short term. New and old problems resurface, and the perpetual motion of introducing the latest repackaged mechanistic model continues.

    A new way of thinking about 21st century challenges is necessary to transcend the traditional models and break into the multidimensional space/time view of reality. Intuitive leaders demonstrate strong predictive and forecasting skills and thus perceive a more objective and wider-scoped view of reality.

  • Replace Resistance with Flow Channels

    Because intuitive leaders operate in the multi-dimensional paradigm, they shift their traditional thinking from trying to manage change and chaos to identifying flow channels and synchronicity. Managing change and chaos stipulates that attention is focused on the disturbing energy. Disturbing energy is a reality that must be expected in any system, and therefore normal. Intuitive leaders recognize the importance of transcending the initial reaction of wanting to control or confront the disturbance to looking for flow channels and synchronicities that create successful long-term strategies.

    Intuitive leaders look at the entire system of reality, to discover flow channels. Intuitive thinkers travel beyond existing boundaries by sensing resonance, identifying flow channels, and scanning the horizon for warning signals, and identifying areas of nonresistance. The areas of nonresistance are opportunities for synergies, partnerships, new directions, and innovation.

  • Characteristics of Intuitive Leaders

    Intuitive leadership style is inspirational and demonstrated through example. It is a powerful style since individuals convince themselves to follow, not so much the individual him/herself, but the implementation of the vision that the leader puts forth.

    Intuitive leadership is similar to a calling whereby the individual is personally compelled to lead through the values of intuitive thinking. The intuitive leader has the audacity to think for him/herself and the stamina to transcend to a higher consciousness.

    Humility and empathy are key in communicating and coaching others in the art and science of intuitive thinking. The intuitive leader surrenders his or her ego and manages emotional impulses. The characteristics of intuitive leadership describe an individual who is transparent, daring, and capable of letting go of ego-fueled behavior. In effect, the intuitive leader becomes a shift agent by inspiring others to adopt his/her values and behavior.

    Faced with resistance and criticism, the intuitive leader demonstrates a delicate balance between tenacity in effecting the shift and empathy toward those who do not understand or who will not embark on the transformational journey.


  • Predictive Thinking

    “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Einstein

    ACI believes that the only way to evolve human nature to a higher level of consciousness it to change the way we use our brain. Humans have cognitive skills that the adepts and ancient wise-people have known about for centuries. Today quantum physics and neuroscience are beginning to prove that these skills do exist. They have become latent because we have ignored them.

    But humanity will not survive if it waits for science to catch up to prove what we already know about the potential of our brain.

    The change starts on the individual level: Me. You