Thinking from the Heart

Thinking from the Heart

Did you know that the heart is a complex neurological thinking system? The heart contains about 100 million neurons and communicates information to the brain. The heart appears to have its own intelligence and to store vital information. Research on recipients of heart transplants demonstrates that many take-on donors’ personal characteristics. Further findings demonstrate the heart is capable of feeling another person’s physical energetic field and can be measured several feet away from the body.

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Dr. Dominique Surel

About the Author:

DOMINIQUE SUREL specializes in the development of Intuitive Intelligence and Controlled Remote Viewing. She obtained her Doctoral Degree in Organizational Leadership and holds an MBA. She lived and worked in Paris and London for 15 years as a business strategy consultant and is now a professor and Dean of Faculty at the Energy Medicine University where she teaches Intuitive Intelligence, Spiritual Leadership, and Controlled Remote Viewing. Her international consulting work includes strategy development and intuitive intelligence trainings. She is a co-founder of World Institute for Scientific Exploration and is on the Council of the Society for Scientific Exploration.